5 Boundaries A Marriage Needs To Survive

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5 Boundaries A Marriage Needs To Survive
5 Boundaries A Marriage Needs To Survive

For a marriage to be successful, it is necessary to have rules, boundaries that must be respected. Although it sounds dry, like some kind of contract between two partners, marriage is something like that. Without pre-established boundaries to be respected, things can get out of hand, and what will suffer the most is of course your love.

What are the important boundaries you need to keep in your marriage for it to survive?

Never cheat on yourself

For many people, a good and successful marriage means merging into one, thinking as one, acting together in everything. That's somewhat true, but here's the rub. The mistake many couples make is to lose themselves in the wholeness of the couple. Remember that you are individuals who need to express your personality and character on your own as well as as part of a relationship.

It is very important to remain yourself. When you lose your personality and bend some of your qualities to please your husband or just get used to his ways and adopt them as your own, it will destroy you.

For your marriage to remain happy and long-lasting, it is vital that you never forget who you are and never be afraid to show it. Remember that the person next to you fell in love with you precisely because of your personality. Don't suppress it somewhere inside the general whole.

Never forget about compromises

As trite as it sounds, compromises are the rebar of a marriage. They are part of its foundations, dug deep into the earth. If you forget about them and always want to win every argument, get your way without giving in, your relationship is doomed.

Show mutual respect

One of the biggest killers of love is lack of respect. How could you possibly be happy and intimate in any sense of the word with your partner if you are disrespecting him as much as he is disrespecting you. Attacking, fighting back, never-ending war between partners can destroy even the strongest love.

Don't give up your power

In many marriages, the happiness of both depends on one partner, who is also the leader in the relationship. This seems like a normal strategy, but only at first glance. In the long run, if you both don't maintain your strengths, your qualities as individuals, you will lose yourself in your marriage and you won't even be able to remember why you are together.

Spend time apart

When they fall in love, couples want to spend all their time together. They cannot be separated from each other. Love makes them forget that the rest of the world exists. However, when you get married and live together, things change. That's when many couples fail to survive the coming changes, one of which is spending time apart. They feel that their partner has stopped loving them or that their mutual love has evaporated. This is not mandatory at all. It's just that the stage you're at is different. Psychologists believe that it is even useful to spend time apart. This will keep you as a couple.

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