6 signs of an unhappy marriage

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6 signs of an unhappy marriage
6 signs of an unhappy marriage

Making the decision to end a failed marriage is difficult. Many people choose to stay in their toxic relationships because of the fear of loneliness.

Research shows that staying in an unhappy marriage has a very negative impact on physical and mental he alth in the long term. Bad marriages cause low self-esteem, anxiety, depression.

People who remain in an unhappy marriage have a higher risk of developing degenerative and chronic diseases than those who decide to take the next step.

Those who decide to divorce and move on with their lives experience grief and sadness, but recover more easily. A curious observation by Carrie Cole, a marriage therapist and family counseling specialist at the Gottman Institute, is that couples who decide to divorce find happy love within 5 years of the divorce, Redbook writes.

So don't be afraid to take a chance and seek happiness in another relationship. See what the signs are that your marriage is unhappy.

1. No more sex

In long-term relationships, it is considered normal for sexual relations to thin out over time. At the beginning of the relationship, couples usually have sex on a daily basis, and over the years this frequency decreases. But if sex is completely gone from your relationship, and permanently, that's a serious problem.

If partners do not express their affection in a physical way, the relationship gradually cools down and collapses.

2. You have nothing to say to each other

A serious warning sign that your marriage is unhappy is when you rush to share the news with another person before your spouse or partner. It doesn't matter if it's a job success, an achievement, a he alth issue - if your partner isn't the first person you think of when sharing the news, that's a problem.

A warning sign of an unhappy relationship is when your conversations boil down to what needs shopping, what needs to be done around the house, or similar domestic half-hearted talk.

3. You are together but not quite

You can be in the same room, but one of you is on the computer and the other is watching TV. At first glance, this is a completely normal life situation, but it suggests differences in interests and leisure activities. This is an indication that there is a disconnect between you, the connection is missing.

4. You are busy with other people's problems and daily life, not your partner

You don't really care how your partner's day went. It is important for you to be aware of the problems of your loved ones or friends. You think about them, call them, prefer to see them outside instead of rushing home. You distract yourself with other people's needs while your relationship slips away.

5. The distance between you grows

All married couples, as well as those living on a family basis, experience difficult times. It is considered perfectly normal for these periods of decline to last around 2 years. However, if the distance between you continues to fall into the abyss for longer than this period, you should either seek therapeutic help or take a step towards divorce. Otherwise, you are entering a disastrous rut that will cause you serious he alth problems.

6. You fantasize about life without your husband

You think what it will be like if you decide to divorce and stay alone. How will events unfold, will you meet someone else, will you be as happy as before. These are clear signals that you are unhappy in your marriage.

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