What feng shui energy does an east-facing home have?

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What feng shui energy does an east-facing home have?
What feng shui energy does an east-facing home have?

Fungshui is an ancient Eastern science that looks at the flow of Chi energy all around you, including the home. One of the many ideas of feng shui is to create such spaces in the home that allow energy to flow freely, maintain balance and harmony in the home and those living in it. Although feng shui was developed in Ancient China, over time this system of beliefs has developed into many different schools with different methods and perspectives.

According to some of these schools, the location of the home is also important in feng shui. In a previous article, we looked at what kind of energy a home brings if it faces south.. In this article, we will focus on east-facing homes and what energy they bring according to feng shui, how to arrange it, what colors to choose to help the energy flow freely and harmoniously.

How to activate energy in an east-facing home?

To activate the energy in an east facing home, you can bring in a wooden element to support this direction. Water elements also nourish energy in south-facing homes because water nourishes wood, as part of the five element cycle according to feng shui. You can put a solid wood front door painted blue or green.

Elements and colors representing wood and water

One of the ways you can bring these supportive elements into your home is through color. They are a symbol of the elements they embody. If you want to boost the energy in your east-facing home, add as many woods and water colors as possible in all shades.

The tree is associated with green colors, iridescent shades in the brown-orange range. Water is associated with black, dark blue, light blue, jade, border shades between black and gray (charcoal).

Choose trees from the East

You can decorate your home with tree species that grow in the East. Green houseplants are a great way to channel chi in your home. They will bring you growth, prosperity, generosity. Also consider how to provide more light in your home.

Wood energy connects to new heights. Choose tall indoor tree species that have a distinct trunk. This brings success, prosperity and improves the strength of the home, unites the family.

You can also add running water ornaments in your home to stimulate the energy in it. You can add a flowing fountain featuring wavy shapes and jumps. It stimulates creative thinking and helps you go outside the box.

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