How to properly clean carpets so that they do not lose their original appearance

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How to properly clean carpets so that they do not lose their original appearance
How to properly clean carpets so that they do not lose their original appearance

The presence of carpets in the home is a way to bring coziness and comfort into each of the rooms. More and more people prefer them because they are easy to install and maintain, and the abundance of all kinds makes their choice interesting and even exciting, the Domko online store shares. Among the most current models of carpets are those with fringes, embossed and luxurious solutions, which are used in rooms such as the bedroom, living room and children's room.

How to clean carpet at home

It is always good to have soft carpets in your home, because with them the environment becomes much more pleasant and complete, says. However, in addition to choosing and buying them, we should also familiarize ourselves with the cleaning methods for their effective maintenance. The price of using your favorite carpet for a long time is not too high - we just need to know how to properly care for it, so that it can keep its beautiful appearance for longer. In this case, the following is important:

  • Start by choosing the appropriate method and cleaning agents - the basis of effective carpet cleaning is the correct selection of hygiene products. If the carpet is made of delicate and fine fabrics, it is not a good idea to bet on aggressive ingredients, however promising they may be in removing stains. Be aware that ingredients such as chlorine can bleach your flooring. Choose suitable preparations and necessarily follow the instructions for use;
  • Do not use hot water - the optimal temperature is cool or cold;
  • don't pour water directly onto the surface - if the moisture hits the surface, rotting processes will begin in the coating, mold, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms may grow;
  • Preparation - before starting the actual washing of the carpet, prepare the necessary "toolkit" so that everything is at hand. Do not use brushes with hard bristles - they can damage the cilia and shorten the life of the carpet;
  • Remove dirt with a soft brush - a good solution is a brush with artificial hair and not too hard. In this way, you will not damage the integrity of the carpet and you will be able to preserve its beautiful appearance. If there are stubborn stains, such as mud, it's better to wait for it to dry and vacuum;

Carpet washing at home has its drawbacks, the biggest of which is the slower speed at which the dirt removal procedure is carried out. The chance of achieving excellent results is really high as long as we follow the recommendations above and don't wait until the carpet gets too dirty to clean it.

How often to do it

The carpet must be washed at regular intervals to preserve its beautiful appearance. Twice a year is quite enough, but it is still good to take into account some other factors, such as the number of people in the home, the color of the carpet, its texture, and the intensity with which we exploit it. All of these circumstances have a direct impact on the level of soiling and, respectively, on the time intervals during which we wash it.

What to avoid

It is not good to treat dirt on the carpet with too aggressive cleaning agents, such as bleach or other products whose active agents pose a risk to its integrity. Treating stains with natural remedies and specialized cleaning solutions is by far the best approach anyone should take when it comes to floor maintenance.

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