Fashion in home decoration

Fashion in home decoration
Fashion in home decoration

What designers are currently looking for are natural, non-committal at first glance shapes and combinations. The colors are soft, but there are also bright accents. The lines are simple, yet everything looks luxurious and elegant, so as to satisfy all tastes.

Let's call one trend " optimistic". It includes bright, even phosphorescent tones and lots of fun prints. What would its reflection be in our home if we had the opportunity to coordinate our interior with it?

The living room: various contrasting color pillows, bedspreads and curtains with cheerful graphic elements - flowers or geometric figures.

Bathroom: deep pink or red faience combined with turquoise.

The living room: sofa and comfortable armchairs with rounded shapes, in tone with the color of the walls, and the lighting fixtures are made of metal, plastic and wood - combined and in bright tones - orange or green lemon. Carpets can be with geometric prints in black and white.

The other trend we can call " restrained". It is distinguished by the use of natural tones: brown, beige, black, gray and white. Also, more natural materials are used, such as wood, stone, ceramics and textiles.

In the bathroom has a lot of wooden elements, the ceramic tiles look hand painted.

In the living room there are many tablecloths made of wool or cotton, the carpets have a slightly worn hue. The wood of the furniture is light, there are cane elements and many woven textiles.

The third trend is " luxury" - it relies mainly on textiles with interwoven shiny metallic threads. The main colors are black, old gold, but here and there there are tones of the violet range.

In the living room you can afford a carpet and eco-leather cushions, satin tablecloths with miniature prints.

Bathroom – lots of mirrors, embossed faience, steel and ceramic elements, as well as glass.

In the living room – heavy velvet textiles, a carpet with a very long pile, pearl and mother-of-pearl tones for the furniture, decorative elements made of metal and glass.

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