5 Home Decor Tricks to Beat the Fall Depression

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5 Home Decor Tricks to Beat the Fall Depression
5 Home Decor Tricks to Beat the Fall Depression

With the onset of autumn and winter, most people's mood deteriorates. Bad weather, fewer daylight hours, and sadness over past summer vacations and entertainment also play a role in this. In order to combat all this, it is recommended to renew the decoration and environment at home. This will help you cope more easily with the autumn-winter depression, so characteristic of many people.

Refreshing the environment at home is of great importance for dealing with stress and low mood in autumn, because it is the place where we spend our free time. He is the fortress that gives us a place to rest and relax.

Repaint the walls in light, warm or brighter colors

Prepare to combat the bad mood of autumn with suitable cheerful colors. Surround yourself with fresh shades that will positively affect you on a subconscious level. For this purpose, you can repaint the walls at home in warm colors. If you do not have the opportunity and time to do this type of refresh, try replacing the curtains, tablecloths and upholstered furniture, carpets. This way, autumn and winter depression will not be able to break you down.

Live Plants

Increase your arsenal of live plants at home. If you haven't seen any before, now is the time to introduce them into your home. Their beauty and liveliness brightens up the atmosphere in the home and makes it more welcoming. According to studies, living plants at home contribute to suppressing anxiety and normalizing blood pressure.

Add more light

Local lighting and night lamps in addition to the main lighting fixtures in the home also contribute to the fight against autumn and winter depressive states caused by short sunshine and lack of sufficient natural light.

Let the light enter the home freely

If you draw the curtains and raise the blinds, you will allow the already little natural light during autumn and winter to brighten your home. In the summer, many people use thick curtains to block the light. Replace them with transparent curtains that can let the light through in the fall.

Add small “explosions” of color

Another good trick to lighten up the autumn atmosphere at home is to add accents of bright, rich colors in strategic places in the home. Various objects and decorations can work for you - colorful pillows, bright tablecloths, new curtains, figurines, candles or corners decorated with your favorite objects. In general, anything that makes you smile counts.

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