3 simple rules for decorating a small hall

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3 simple rules for decorating a small hall
3 simple rules for decorating a small hall

Do you live in an average home with not a particularly large area? You are not alone. Most people are satisfied with this. But don't despair. You can make even the narrowest space welcoming and cozy with some changes in the arrangement and decoration of the furniture. With their help, as well as that of the specialists, you can transform the smallest spaces at home, turning them into a welcoming and favorite place at home.

Let's talk about the small entree that most of us put up with every day coming home. How to make it look more spacious and cozy?

Here are three easy ways:

Only bring multi-functional furniture into it

To free up as much space as possible in your small hall, use only furniture that combines several functions in one. This way you will save space in the hall, make it multifunctional, and bring more coziness.

Hang a mirror

Mirrors are always a good choice in terms of optical expansion of rooms. They create the feeling of space, of more air in the small hall. If you place them on the wall opposite the window, you will cause the natural lighting of the small hall. This doubles the space and creates positive vibes upon entering the home.

Use the walls to expand the space

To store more clothes, shoes and accessories in your small hall, use your wall space. Hang cabinets, hangers and baskets on the walls to hold your items and supplies. Thus, you will make the space in the hall more spacious and free. Making the most of what you have is a key point in furnishing small spaces.

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