How long do we clean with the vacuum cleaner?

How long do we clean with the vacuum cleaner?
How long do we clean with the vacuum cleaner?

The biggest study on vacuum cleaning tells us everything we need to know about the habits of using the appliance: whether it is liked or not by householders, how often it is used, what really pisses off nations about vacuuming, and more. The study included 28,000 participants from 23 countries, including Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, Australia, the United States and others, conducted by Electrolux.

Some of the most interesting statistics show that:

- when cleaning, 89% of people spend less than an hour and 43% of them even less than 30 minutes

- Koreans are the nation that uses the vacuum cleaner most often - 11% of them clean several times a day and 29% clean once a day

- citizens of Brazil and Portugal spend the most time vacuuming - averaging between 1 and 2 hours per cleaning

- while cleaning, people most often listen to music (36%), with the top nations being Colombians (67%) and Mexicans (66%)

- the most annoying element of vacuuming remains the noise - 36% of countries are annoyed by it.


There are also trends in the clothes people wear while cleaning. The largest percentage (69%) of countries wear casual clothing while cleaning. 4% of people answer that they only wear underwear when using the vacuum cleaner, and 2% of them admit that they clean without any clothes.

As for the time they do housework, 38% of respondents prefer cleaning in the morning, and only 9% of them do it in the evening.

The global survey shows not only trends in home cleaning, but also consumer needs."As a leader in the production of home appliances, Electrolux works actively in the direction of development and innovation. The research results show how diverse consumer needs are and how important it is for us to understand and follow them. The wishes of the users for us are the key driver in the development of new products to meet their needs and expectations" - the company shares.

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