Top 10 tips for designing and furnishing the children's room

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Top 10 tips for designing and furnishing the children's room
Top 10 tips for designing and furnishing the children's room

The children's room is much more than a room for your child to sleep in. It is the space where your beloved little one can feel protected, can have quality rest, feel comfort and convenience, but at the same time develop their imagination and skills. That is why the design of the children's room is of great importance for the future of the child. It can be a real driver of the emergence of ideas, interests, develop curiosity about the world, be a refuge, a favorite place in the home.

The children's room has many functions. It should serve for sleep and rest at the same time, be a place to play, an office where the child can study and prepare. Remember that the children's room should be designed with the future in mind, so that it is functional for the child even as he grows up.

No matter what your budget is and what space you have, there are some really useful tips to take advantage of when designing and decorating a nursery that will make your child feel more than fabulous. Here are 10 of them:

1. Functional but not boring furniture

The key to a well-organized, tidy and functional children's room is the choice of furniture in which the child will store his belongings, but which will also bring playfulness and life to the room. The color accents of the walls and the overall interior can be woven into the decoration of the furniture. It is good that the furniture is selected in such a way that it combines comfort, creativity, functionality without weighing down and taking away from the space in the room. The combination of shapes and interesting design will help the child spend time in his room with pleasure.

Fortunately, "Mebeli Videnov" can offer just such wonderful and creative ideas with a modern twist. Their collections for children's rooms give great ideas for choosing functional, colorful and creative furniture in harmony with the colors and shades of the walls, as well as the overall arrangement and harmony of the room.


2. Choice of color for the walls

Think of the walls in the children's room as a canvas on which you can add colors that promote quality rest, but also stimulate the child's creativity. Modern trends include decorating one or two of the walls in pastel and dominant colors, while the rest of the walls remain neutral. The chosen colors and motifs should be both unobtrusive but sufficiently visible and influential.

3. Art

Through art brought and woven into the interior of the nursery, parents can stimulate the child's imagination and interests. The tools here can be very diverse – color combinations and accents, soft furniture, interesting and non-standard baskets for collecting toys and tools, wall decorations, fun lanterns. All these elements and more bring artistic excitement to the children's room and make it remarkable.

4. Decorations and accessories bring fun and develop the imagination

If you have chosen the walls to be as clean as possible and without dominant colors, decorations and accessories are a suitable choice to enliven the vertical space. Vinyls, stickers, stickers, curtains, pictures, photos are just some of the ideas with which to diversify the walls in the children's room. You can also involve the child in this process so that he can also participate in the selection of accessories for his room.

5. Enough light

Light is essential for a nursery. In this room, it is good to have both centrally located, sufficiently strong light, as well as local light sources, table lamps to provide the necessary environment for writing, reading, studying.

6. Corners for games and relaxation

The children's room is not just for sleeping. Its functionality and comfort include the games that children need at any age. It is good for the room to have relaxation areas where the child can snuggle, rest and relax. Suitable furniture for decorating such areas of the children's room for rocking chairs, pouf mattresses, tents. In these areas, the child will feel relaxed and stimulated to do the things he loves.


7. Softness and comfort

Softness and coziness come from the delicate accessories with which you will decorate the children's room. This list includes carpets, pillows, bed linen, curtains. They give texture, add warmth to the room, and playing with colors can stimulate the child in a different way depending on the choice of accent in shades.

8. Selection of universal and convertible furniture

If you are renewing the children's room while your child is still a baby, for example, it is good to think about the future use and transformation of the furniture. If you have a limited budget, you can choose the furniture so that it will be used even after the child grows up. For example, do not rush to buy a special changing cabinet, which you will have to throw away later, but choose a suitable cabinet that can perform the functions of a changing cabinet at the same time, but also a cabinet that the growing child will later use to collect your clothes and belongings.

Furniture should also offer hidden, space-saving storage mechanisms for toys, so that there is no clutter in the children's room. A great example of this is beds with drawers at the bottom of the frame.

9. Use the ceilings as an art field

The ceiling space can be included in a fun way in the decoration of the children's room. There are many choices. They include non-standard and playful hanging lanterns, toys, characters from books, movies or comics to enliven the space above.

10. Don't overload the space

One of the biggest mistakes in furnishing and designing the children's room is overloading it with too many furniture, elements, decorations, which not only optically and physically take away from the air and space, but also create conditions for chaos and disorder.

have also thought in this direction. The nursery interior ideas they have to offer combine the functionality, practicality, artistry and harmonious simplicity that a nursery needs. This makes it a truly unique place that will become your child's favorite.

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