A few tricks to achieve spaciousness in the small apartment

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A few tricks to achieve spaciousness in the small apartment
A few tricks to achieve spaciousness in the small apartment

Most people dream of own home: cozy, spacious and with all kinds of amenities. Nowadays, however, it turns out to be extremely difficult to fulfill all these conditions together

Many of us realize our dream of owning a home, but with big loans in exchange for a few square meters of living space. And then they wonder how to cope in the tight spaces

Definitely furnishing this type of apartment is a challenge for both interior designers and owners. If you have spent every last lev on buying a home and furnishing and now you are scratching your fingers about what to put where and how, then we made sure to get advice from a young lady with a lot of experience in the field and a lot of imagination - Eng.designer Irena Ivanova She shared her secret tricks with us so that we can turn the small living space into a cozy and beautiful home.

Does size matter

The truth is that the volume itself is always quite illusory - you can have a large, in terms of area, but quite impractical dwelling - and one that is the size of a grandfather's glove, according to a notarial deed, but in which you can feel spaciousness.

The most important thing in the whole task is the balance between needs - existing volume and aiming for maximum clean line in every single aspect.

For or against multifunctional furniture

A. - True - In any case, a sofa that becomes a bedroom in the living room, and is accompanied by a table - a chest is a good choice. So the grandmother who is looking after the baby always has a place to stay to sleep.

B. – Wrong – A permanent bed in the bedroom that is actually a couch. Make no such mistake, the bedroom is the holy of holies and there multi-functionality should not be present except as a pull-out clothes rail in the wardrobe.

To include or eliminate spaces

A. – Wrong- Splitting an entrance room type of entrance hall – The small house does not need an entrance hall – instead of getting several broken boxes – combine – living room, kitchen and entrance hall into one, no matter how small they are.

B. - True - Separation of the dark and hard-to-reach places in the house - in the type of closet, closet, space for the water heater. There is no housewife who does not dream of a closet - the creation of a corner where you can fit EVERYTHING - from a jar to a vacuum cleaner, boiler, coats and shoes.. next to the children's old toys is a quick escape from clutter for a housewife. In this case we can close some niche for this purpose.

What should be the color balance in the small apartment? And what accents should we choose?

A. – Wrong – Presence of ACCENT? When I hear that word from a client and my hair stands up, it's like me telling a surgeon what scalpel to use.

B. - In a small apartment, you at least need an accent - the color range should be harmonious and iridescent. The presence of bright contrasts will make you regret or repaint everything.

Which color is best though

I think it is already clear - from the above - colors should be bright, fresh and balanced.

Do dark colors have a place in the small home

A. – Wrong – Well, I'm going to put gloss black in the kitchen anyway. If you want it to be like that and you have extra money, then buy a house - 300 m2. Then black will fit perfectly, if not, this latest fashion statement will make you feel like you're in a box.

B. – Wrong – White – only white – is also completely unacceptable. It feels like a hospital room and you won't last long.

V. True – Fresh unobtrusive colors.

Can we put a lot of household appliances in the small kitchen

A. – Wrong – I'll get a toaster - a robot and a blender, but I'll get rid of dishwashers because there's no room.

B. - True - This is one of those places where believe me - you can't go without a good designer anymore. But most importantly, the ideas for multi-functional appliances that are more expensive but do more things is good. Column cabinets are suitable - with 3 appliances in them, a small refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washer-dryer and many - many mechanisms in the kitchen. This is your salvation.

Many or few cabinets

A. – Wrong – I'm not going to put in a lot of cabinets – they'll close the space. And where will you put your clothes, books, dishes? Absolutely absurd.

B. - True - I will put practical multifunctional cabinets, along the entire height of the room - with a good color selection, and the ones that annoy me the most - I will put mirrors in them - I still need somewhere to see how I look.

What fabrics to choose for the small apartment

A. – Wrong – I want carpet, solid wood kitchen, plush damask sofa.

B. – True – Go for easy-maintenance fabrics – laminate, like flooring and furniture, a leather sofa in the living room – Nothing easier to maintain when your baby spills the puree and no carpets in the small abode. This type of housing is called youth - it is considered that you are 2, 3 people in a small area, a lot of things are made, broken, spilled - a lot of things are made, broken, spilled … in a word, it is boiling with stormy activity on a small space, so give it more practical.

And what to do with the small bathroom

A. - Wrong - I want a bathtub - if you are aiming for a remodel - the bathroom area is one that can be boldly "stolen". Postpone the idea of a bathtub for the next bigger apartment and just put a jacuzzi there - "like it's going to be shaggy".

B. - True - small and separate shower area, toilet and sink. If you have a water heater, it is best to place it in the bathroom. They are sold flat, horizontal, vertical - with small enough dimensions, but with great possibilities.

Of course, each case is individual, but my sincere advice is to turn to a specialist whose stuff you liked and you have some confidence in him. But with a little imagination and adherence to these tips, you can achieve satisfying success.

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