A small room does a big job

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A small room does a big job
A small room does a big job

The small room does a great job with visual tricks and proper choice of furniture and colors.

Just as we imperceptibly accumulate kilos, so the apartment suddenly becomes cramped for us because of newly arrived new family members or because of the things that enter it over the years. No matter how much we put it off, it's time to repair. Psychologists say that we judge a room not by its actual dimensions, but by how much work we do in it and whether it is cozy.

Here are some tricks:

1. Organize the premises correctly – be original

- Be original and unique, even if it means moving the library to the hallway and the bedroom to the dining room or a library to the dining room;

- Usually the largest room is the living room. Do the opposite. Let the largest room be the bedroom. Put in it a huge wardrobe, a library for books and a computer.

- If possible, combine the kitchen with an adjoining room.

2. Search for reservations

- Look at the ceiling and you will see that there is a lot of free space. Design suitable hanging cabinets under the ceiling to store rarely used items, seasonal clothes and shoes.

- In the children's room, put the desk on top of the bed or the desk on top of the wardrobe - now they can make everything for you to order.

- Another rarely used resource is the corners - put a corner sofa or bookcase.

- Make a podium - for example, a living room on two levels. The area of the room does not change, and you can store a lot of things under the podium.

3. Use every meter of space

- Multi-purpose furniture - such as sofa, armchair and stool - chest

- Replace the bedside tables with slightly taller dressers.

- Buy a flat screen TV to hang on the wall.

- Hang the furniture on the wall. It can be multi-level shelves or small cabinets. The space below them remains free for other needs.

4. Light walls, floor and furniture

Lemon yellow, cappuccino, ecru, peach and red are your colors. Opt for colorful, bright accessories to liven up the interior.

5. Paint the walls contrasting

If you prefer dark or bright colors, paint only one wall, and let the opposite one be in a contrasting color. In this way, you will not "lose" the corners in the room, which will also visually expand the space.

6. Repeat the same item in all rooms

For example, drapery or accent - green napkins for serving, green lace curtains, green picture frames, green shoe mats, green electrical switches and sockets.

7. Underline the verticals

Emphasize the vertical line using striped wallpaper, a tall floor lamp, vertical blinds. Choose one wall or part of it and hang from the floor to the ceiling a lot of small paintings, photographs or decorative plates - something from your hobby.

8. Use glass walls

If you can, put bigger windows, glass panels as panels in the walls.

9. Put a big mirror

Put several smaller ones or one large mirror, as they optically erase the borders, which means more space.

10. Remove the heavy curtains

For the small room, heavy curtains are prohibited. Use light, lace curtains in pastel colors or blinds.

11. Buy lightweight mini furniture

Buy a sofa and armchairs with the lightest possible construction. The sofa should be without armrests, but with a sleeping function and a chest underneath. Replace heavy armchairs with light futuristic armchairs. If you want stools, buy a chest stool. Low furniture - kitchen chairs, armchairs and sofas with a low back.

12. Use invisible furniture

The best solution is with built-in cabinets and wardrobes, the doors of which are the same color as the wall. Thus they optically disappear from the room.

13. The center is free

Put all the furniture against the wall. Leave the center of the room free.

14. Big picture for the small room

Paradoxically, many small paintings make a room smaller than a larger one. The tall picture is a plus for the vertical, but on the other hand, the horizontal visually increases the perspective.

15. Thrifty decoration

Don't clutter the already narrow space with unnecessary souvenirs, potted flowers and other decorations.

The main rule for a small room is to keep it clean and tidy, no unnecessary items in sight.

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