What kind of personality are you according to the interior of your home?

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What kind of personality are you according to the interior of your home?
What kind of personality are you according to the interior of your home?

Just as your clothes and looks can tell you what kind of person you are, the look of your home says more about your personality than you might think. Your home is a reflection of yourself without realizing it. The interior decisions you make to shape the design of your home suggest what kind of person you are.

You like to decorate with personal items, trophies, statuettes, souvenirs - means you have a strong "I"

If one of the first things people notice when they enter your home is your display of items related to accomplishments, travels, memorabilia, this is usually an expression of your ego, the highly expressed "I". This is your way of telling your story to the people who enter your home. You are not worried about yourself and you are not ashamed of anything, on the contrary - you want to show it. You are a strong person and you are not afraid to enter into confrontations, pursue your goals and express your opinion.

Your desk is cluttered, messy - you are an active person who travels a lot and deals with different things

People who deal with many things, are creative and active individuals, and also like to travel a lot, usually do not have time and energy to organize their desks at home or at work. These personalities are not petty, they do not delve into small and superfluous things, but look at the overall picture. They are intelligent and prefer to put their energy into something really important instead of unnecessary pedantry in the arrangement, which is of no use.

Hanging objects and symbols for good luck - means you have goals or are not satisfied with your current life

If you hung a horseshoe above the door, for example, it means that you hope that good things will happen to you in the future. Usually, people who are not particularly lucky or are not satisfied with the life they have built for themselves, turn to superstitions and occult practices, hoping in this way to bring luck and happiness into their lives. On the other hand, when there are similar objects and symbols in the home, it can also be interpreted as a desire to achieve certain goals that you can't wait to happen faster.

Lots of portraits and family photos - you are a nostalgic person

People who keep their entire family tree on the wall or like to display pictures of their children as babies, of favorite and cherished moments in their lives, are usually nostalgic individuals, prone to melancholy and dwelling on the past. These individuals find solace and comfort in dealing with the past. This makes them feel good, they find support in the good moments experienced.

You have small details in your home - you are an introvert

Small elements in the home, attention to detail are characteristic of introverted individuals. You prefer a quiet life. You are a homebody. You like the warmth and coziness of your home. You like to surround yourself with people you can trust. Your circle of friends is narrowed to a minimum. It only has people you love and who truly love you.

A sophisticated, well-made sofa means you're making a smart investment

The couch is just an example. This applies to any furniture and objects that are of high quality, perfectly made and for which quality material is not spared. You tend to pay a little more, but you know for what. You love good investments. This is true in your work as well as in your personal life. You don't like to waste your energy.

Non-standard decorations for the wall or for the home - don't be afraid of challenges and changes

You are an adventurous person, open to new ideas. If you have a whole gallery of handmade decorations made by you or your children that you have decorated the wall with, you definitely willingly accept challenges and are not afraid of changes in your life.

Fine art - you have business acumen

Only an amateur would invest in fine art imitations. You prefer to own real works of art. This urge comes from your natural instinct for business. You are an enterprising person who does not rely on others for your success, but seeks solutions for your life yourself.

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