What does green symbolize in feng shui and how to use it

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What does green symbolize in feng shui and how to use it
What does green symbolize in feng shui and how to use it

Colors are one of the best ways to influence the energy in the home according to feng shui. There are many different methods of influencing and channeling energy. Each color has a specific type of Chi energy. There are 5 main elements in feng shui, each associated with different colors. Using the colors and elements in certain areas of the home can contribute to your happiness, harmony at home and prosperity in your life.

What does green represent in feng shui?

The 5 element system in feng shui encompasses these various elements in order to create more harmony and balance in the home and life. These elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. They are represented by different colors. Green is associated with the element of wood, which is associated with compassion, flexibility, healing and growth.

Green is also the color associated with family. It represents the new beginning, our connection with people and nature, the energy of awakening. The vital energy of trees and nature is represented by the color green in feng shui.

How to use green?

Green makes the space at home more welcoming, fresh, natural and harmonious. This color can be especially helpful if you want to attract more flexibility, family harmony, inspiration and creativity.

There are many ways to bring green into your home - through furniture and accessories in this color, by painting walls or pieces of furniture, by choosing green home textiles or other decorating elements.

Choosing a shade of green is also important depending on your intentions and your desire to change the energy in the way you want.

For example, light, fresh and bright green is an inspiring wood element that has a calming and healing energy.

If you feel stuck and stuck, choose brighter and more saturated shades of green with hints of yellow to increase your creativity and stimulate you to start something new, to break out of the ruts.

Living green plants are also a wonderful way to bring living, vibrant green into your home. Choose plants that have soft, rounded leaves. It is important to match the light and conditions in your home to keep your plants alive and fresh. Dried plants in not so good condition do not improve the energy in the home in a complete way.

Wear Green

Colors in feng shui are not just for the home. You can also wear them on yourself to boost your energy even more. If you want to feel inspired, ready for a new beginning and bolder, wear green or choose a favorite green accessory to stimulate your creativity.

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