What color candles to choose for our home

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What color candles to choose for our home
What color candles to choose for our home

Perhaps there is no home that does not have at least one candle as part of the decoration. We light candles in every season when we want to improve the atmosphere, we have a special occasion. However, it is important to know what color candles to buy and when to light them. Colors have a powerful vibration, so see more in the following lines, as well as what day of the week what color candles to light.

Orange Candle

The color orange symbolizes creation, so candles in orange colors are great for stimulating creativity, lifting spirits, and releasing anger and frustration. Orange also stimulates emotional connections, friendship.

Red Candle

Red candles primarily symbolize love, passion and energy. It is also believed that they stimulate the materialization of ideas, success. However, be careful with this color, because if there is more of it, it can increase tension, aggression.



Gold candles have a high vibration. The golden color symbolizes we alth and luck. If you seek success, happiness, protection and we alth, you may want to add to your candle and gold collection.

Brown and copper shades

Brown candles symbolize balance, reconnecting or rediscovering lost friendships and family ties, removing chaos. Brown is the color of balance, protection of the home. Copper shades bring prosperity in work.

Light Blue

Light blue as a color has two frequencies - acceptance and truth. Whether you have trouble accepting a situation or want to touch the truth, a light blue candle is a good option.

Yellow Candle

Stimulating yellow is excellent for increasing focus and breaking down barriers that prevent us from thinking properly. Yellow is the color of the sun where all forms of energy are connected.

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