5 things you can clean with vinegar

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5 things you can clean with vinegar
5 things you can clean with vinegar

If you want to clean your home with natural means, vinegar is one of them. Various household items and appliances that you use every day can be successfully cleaned with it. Although there are some surfaces that should not be cleaned with vinegar, such as marble countertops for example, vinegar is very suitable in a number of cases. Here are some of them.

Coffee machine

Coffee lovers know how quickly the coffee machine gets dirty. Its daily use implies deposits of coffee and other impurities on the internal and external parts of the device. It is important to clean the coffee machine regularly because dirt poses a risk of bacterial growth and possible infections.

Vinegar does a great job of cleaning and disinfecting coffee machines because it can be used to clean both the outside and the inside.

To clean the outside, it is enough to rub a sponge soaked in vinegar on the surfaces of the coffee machine. If you are worried about damaging any of the parts, dilute the vinegar with a little water.

To clean the inside of the coffee maker, mix equal parts water and vinegar. Pour the liquid inside the coffee machine and run a cycle. Repeat the cycles until all the liquid has passed through the inside of the machine. To rinse, run a clean water cycle.

Microwave oven

All kinds of stubborn food and grease stick to the microwave. They are often very difficult to clean. With the help of vinegar, you will easily dissolve them and make the microwave shine again.

Fill a bowl with equal parts water and vinegar. Leave it in the microwave and run for 7 to 10 minutes. When enough steam saturated with acetic acid is released, the remaining dirt will dissolve and become easy to clean. Use a sponge to remove the softened mess of greasy residue.

Kettle/ electric kettles

The teapot gets dirty from repeated use and especially from the deposits from herbs when brewing them. To clean it and bring back its shine, try cleaning it with vinegar. Fill it with vinegar, put it on the stove and heat it. You can add some water. Bring the liquid to a boil, then turn off the heat. Let it work for a few minutes. Rub well with a sponge and detergent. Rinse thoroughly.

To clean an electric kettle, you need to fill it with equal parts water and vinegar, run a heating cycle. Then rinse thoroughly and allow the jug to dry completely before next use.


Wine glasses

Wine glasses get dirt and stains from wine, especially red. To restore the shine and cleanliness of your favorite glasses, use vinegar. It breaks down dirt and wine stain residue on the glass. Fill the glasses with vinegar. Wait 5 minutes for it to take effect. Then rub with a sponge and detergent. Rinse.

For cleaning faucets and faucets

Mineral deposits on taps, faucets and faucets is a common problem in every bathroom. To easily remove scale and rust deposits, try vinegar. Acetic acid breaks down mineral deposits and restores the shine of chrome surfaces. To do this, dip a microfiber cloth in pure apple cider vinegar and rub into the contaminated surfaces. Then rinse thoroughly with water and wipe again with a towel to polish.

If the dirt is stubborn, soak the cloth liberally with vinegar, wrap it around the surface and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then proceed with scrubbing and rinsing as above.

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