How to have a bronze tan and protect the skin in summer?

How to have a bronze tan and protect the skin in summer?
How to have a bronze tan and protect the skin in summer?

Everyone loves spending time in the sun with family and friends. The sun's rays are an occasion for positive emotions and a positive mood, for smiles and happy moments. In addition to a good mood, the sun is also very useful for he alth, since with its help our body synthesizes the valuable vitamin D.

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, it is extremely important for people of all ages, and maintaining the necessary levels in the body makes bones stronger and the immune system more resilient. Exposing yourself to the sun, it is important to know that good times go hand in hand with the use of sunscreen products to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays).

They can be very dangerous as they penetrate the layers of the skin and can cause burns, DNA damage and sun allergies. UV rays are of two types – UVA, responsible for skin aging and sun allergies, and UVB rays, which are responsible for sunburns. All NIVEA sunscreens protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Without sun protection, each person can spend a different amount of time in the sun without burning, depending on the protective properties of their skin. For most people, this time only varies between 5 and 30 minutes. The choice of sunscreen lotion depends on age, genetic predisposition and skin type - whether it is sensitive, young or mature, prone to allergies, etc.

The most important criterion when choosing such a product is the sun protection factor (SPF). It shows the time we can spend in the sun without getting burned, depending on the protective abilities of our skin. The higher the SPF, the longer the time we spend protected in the sun. For example, using a product with SPF 30, the skin is protected 30 times longer than if no product was applied.

To be protected from harmful UV rays throughout the day, a single application of lotion is not enough. Since sun protection is lost when swimming, sweating, drying with a towel, etc., it is mandatory to reapply lotion in each of the listed cases. The protection provided by the sunscreen product also depends on the amount used.

For adults, this is about 30g of lotion, which is equivalent to two to three tablespoons for the whole body. When applying a sun protection product, the more difficult-to-reach parts of the body, such as the scalp, the skin next to the hair, ears, nose, shoulders, and the upper part of the feet, should not be forgotten. For facial skin, it is best to use a separate sunscreen as it is more delicate.

Children are especially susceptible to skin damage caused by UV radiation. Their delicate skin is vulnerable, and in the smallest, the skin's protective mechanism is not fully developed. Therefore, children should be protected with products with a high SPF. The cosmetic brand pays special attention to the development of sun protection products for children.

They are tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of children's skin. The formula of NIVEA SUN Children's Color Sunscreen Spray helps to reduce the risk of sun allergies, protects against sunburn and long-term skin damage. The colored sunscreen spray has a disappearing color, which makes the mandatory application of a protective product much easier and more fun, as well as ensuring an even application.

Many people think that high factor sunscreens prevent tanning. Just because the skin needs to be protected doesn't mean it can't get a beautiful tan. The formation of the brown pigment melanin is a natural reaction to UV rays. By using a high factor protection lotion, the tanning process is not stopped, it is only slowed down, making it much more harmless to the skin.

The NIVEA Sun Protect & Bronze series is specially designed to combine reliable protection with a natural tan. The formula is rich in plant extracts that support the natural production of melanin in the skin and provides a beautiful, even and he althy complexion.

The correct and regular use of sunscreen products, regardless of the time and place we are, makes the moments spent under the sun's rays an unforgettable and safe experience.

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