More new amazing uses for table s alt

More new amazing uses for table s alt
More new amazing uses for table s alt

Table s alt is an indispensable part of everyday life. She spices up almost every dish we have, even the cakes and pastries.

But s alt as we know has many more uses and properties. We're not going to renegotiate the familiar, but we're going to introduce you to new ways you can use s alt beyond its intended purpose.

S alt makes the whipped egg whites set even better and faster. Add just a tiny pinch of s alt and you'll see how firm your mixture will become!

If the wintertime ice catches you off guard and you haven't stocked up on deicing sea s alt on the front steps of the unit yet, fear not! Table s alt does the same job. For emergencies, it's a great way to remove ice from areas adjacent to your home.

When you saute eggplant or zucchini you know they release a lot of juice. To prevent your dish from falling apart, s alt the vegetables in advance. This way the liquid will drain beforehand, not during cooking.

With the help of s alt, you can make your chicken or turkey more juicy. To do this, you need to coat the meat well inside and out with s alt, not just sprinkle it.

S alt removes sticky residue on the iron. Lint deposits and burnt textile residues can damage the clothes we are currently ironing. Before you start ironing, heat the iron.

Pour the table s alt on a piece of paper and slide the iron. without steam. Sticky residue will remain on the paper.

You can remove dirt and pesticide deposits on vegetables and fruits using s alt. Just don't wash them under running water, but in a solution of well-s alted water, then rinse under running water.

S alt also helps to unclog clogged drains. Pour hot water with half a cup of s alt dissolved in it per liter.

Tip again for winter - s alt water helps prevent icing up on the auto glass. Rub the glasses liberally with the saline solution. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of s alt in 1 liter of hot water. Wipe with a dry cloth.

S alt removes red wine deposits from glasses very successfully. Some varieties of wine leave a lot of red stains, but you can remove them very easily with s alt. Just pour a spoonful of s alt on the stain and very slowly pour hot water to avoid cracking the glass.

A few spoons of s alt to the water makes the eggs perfectly he althy when boiled. No more broken shells for Easter!

If you add s alt to the ice bucket for your champagne, you will see how much faster it cools! It only takes 10 minutes and the bottle is ready to open!

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