The nightmare of finding a swimsuit if you are plus size

The nightmare of finding a swimsuit if you are plus size
The nightmare of finding a swimsuit if you are plus size

Searching for the perfect looking underwear and swimwear isn't always as much fun as we'd like it to be.

The British model, who is the face of clothing for plus-size women, posted photos on her Instagram account, through which she wants to show how difficult it really is to find a suitable swimsuit.

What any woman with a curvier figure knows well is that it is almost impossible to find a nice swimsuit that fits her well.

So model Sonny Turner saw it for herself, walking into a lingerie and swimwear store.

Sonny is visibly horrified by the swimsuits she tries on because it's impossible to find a suitable model for her body type.

About her in-store experience, Sonny writes that "this is the reality of shopping for a fat/plus size woman".


Since Sonny is very disappointed with the shopping tour, she decides to give some advice to all lingerie and swimwear designers, namely:

"Big breasts need a bra to support and lift the breasts.

We need cups that correspond with the bra numbers and they must be after the DD cup size.

We need cups that cover more than the nipple area.

We need cups that bring the breasts together without a huge gap between them.

We need straps that aren't so tight they snap our necks off.

We need bikinis that don't show labia."


Turner tells Mashable that finding bikinis has always been a real nightmare for her.

"Most stores only seem to offer 3 sizes, which is crazy because it's 2017 and there are more than 3 body types."

The model adds that looking for a swimsuit makes her feel abnormal. According to her, it is not necessary for her to change her figure, and brands and society should change their expectations of women.

"Make clothes for all sizes and bodies," Sonny urges in his Instagram message.

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