Wrong uses of olive oil

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Wrong uses of olive oil
Wrong uses of olive oil

Everyone has heard about the useful properties of. We know that it is an indispensable part of the Mediterranean cuisine and a mandatory element in the dishes and on the table. But do we know that we use it wrongly in many cases?

What are the biggest mistakes that people make when using olive oil in the kitchen?

You are buying a "light" version of olive oil

There are many artificially lightened versions of olive oil on the market, which are factory obtained through refining. Any refining and purification implies a factory intervention that removes some of the most useful substances in a product.

In our quest to lose weight or maintain a he althy weight, we are willing to consume low-fat products. In the "light" version of olive oil, beneficial fats have been removed, and there are also changes in the color, taste and aroma of this wonderful natural oil.

Afraid to use extra virgin olive oil in cooking

It is true that cold-pressed olive oil has a lower boiling point and is therefore considered unsuitable for cooking. If you exceed this temperature, an unpleasant burning smell and suffocating smoke will be emitted.

To avoid this problem, instead of depriving yourself of cooking with this he althy fat, just watch the degrees. Note that olive oil can be heated up to 210 degrees Celsius without a problem.

Throw away the olive oil if it starts to get bitter

Many people think that if the olive oil starts to become bitter, then it has gone bad. This is not so. This natural process occurs due to the presence of antioxidants in cold-pressed olive oil and the characteristics of the olive variety from which it is made.

You store olive oil near the stove

This is extremely wrong. Olive oil should not be kept near heating surfaces and appliances, because its qualities deteriorate. It is important to even store it in a dark and cool place.


When we see an expensive item at an auction price, we tend to buy a larger quantity to be reassured that we will have the product for a longer time. This does not apply to olive oil, especially cold pressed.

It is a fresh product that does not have a particularly long shelf life and too large quantities carry the risk of spoilage. As a rule, extra-virgin olive oil is used for a maximum of 6 weeks.

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