5 ways to maintain a genuine leather sofa

5 ways to maintain a genuine leather sofa
5 ways to maintain a genuine leather sofa

If you have a genuine leather sofa and armchairs or are planning to buy one - it is important to know how to properly store and clean them so that they last longer and look as if you just bought them taken from the store.

1. Leather strongly absorbs dirt, so avoid sitting on the couch with dirty clothes. It is important that your clothes do not have zippers or pockets that can easily scratch it.

2. Periodic cleaning with a soft dry and clean cloth is mandatory. Cleaning from dry substances is done with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner, which will remove the dirt (crumbs) without it getting into the seams of the sofa.

3. Liquid removal: spilled water, soft drink, coffee and others is done with absorbent paper or a dry hygroscopic cloth. Avoid drying it in the sun or with a hair dryer.

4. Stain can be removed with a slightly moistened cloth and neutral soap. Gently rub the stain and immediately dry it with a dry and clean cloth. Thus, the leather of the sofa will not get wet, and the dirt will remain in the cloth.

5. Cleaning natural nubuck is done in the same way as natural leather. To restore the old appearance of the nubuck after cleaning, it is necessary to lightly rub it with abrasive paper.

Zona for Home advise: do not use preparations that are not explicitly indicated by the manufacturer as being for cleaning natural leather.

Otherwise, you may irreversibly damage the leather, the color of the sofa may fade, or the leather may crack.

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