Tips to make your teeth look whiter

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Tips to make your teeth look whiter
Tips to make your teeth look whiter

Beautiful and sparkling white teeth remain the most beautiful accessory! No matter how many cosmetic tricks you use, no matter what procedures you undergo, everything would go to hell if you let the color of your teeth go brown or break.

If you can't afford expensive teeth whitening dental procedures, here are some handy tricks to create the illusion of whiter teeth!

Choose the most suitable shade of lipstick

Grayed teeth are extremely affected by the color of the lipstick. Avoid red lipsticks, and emphasize light and soft tones, as well as those with brown undertones. Yellow teeth do not tolerate shiny glosses, dark and deep shades. Try to wear light pink, peach or flesh color.

Use bronzer

The golden hue of the skin is very suitable when coloring the teeth. Skip the beach and sunbathing. Instead, make your skin look smooth and fresh.

Whiten your teeth while you chew

Foods and drinks such as wine, soy sauce, coffee damage tooth enamel. While there are some foods like curry, apples, celery, carrots, spinach, broccoli that act as a stain and polyp remover on teeth.

Wear silver accessories

Wearing shiny silver jewelry gives extra whiteness to the teeth. Fashion experts advise to stay away from gold if you have problems with the color of your teeth.

Dress appropriately

If you wear a sparkly white shirt, it will only accentuate your yellow teeth by showing the contrast between them and your outfit. So use cream shades, beige shades, but not too dark.

Drink with a straw

Any liquids that can stain your teeth should be taken through a straw, including red wine if you like the idea. The straw helps direct the liquid straight to the throat and prevents contact with the enamel.

Take care of your gums

Floss to clean between teeth every day. Good gum he alth is essential for your teeth. Neglecting gum care can not only cost you the beauty of your teeth, but also the teeth themselves.

Use whitening toothpastes

This remains a classic anti-yellowing method. The truth is that toothpaste itself doesn't whiten your enamel, it helps by brushing to remove food particles that, if too much stuck on your teeth, will cause staining.

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