3 the law of attracting happiness

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3 the law of attracting happiness
3 the law of attracting happiness

Negative attitude comes back loaded with double negation. Remember this before you do anything.

Our life obeys the basic universal law - the law of attraction. It's simple and logical - a person attracts to himself what he thinks about.

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Happy people attract the love of others

All people, events, things in our life are not accidental, whether we want them to be or not. The desire to love and be loved must be born in our soul, fill all corners of consciousness. Remember that only we create our own reality. Happy people get joy from the smallest and most insignificant things.

3 capital never

1. Try not to harbor old resentments, especially from former lovers. Insults at a subconscious level block the possibilities for positive changes in life.

2. Never say to yourself "I won't make it." Belief in success is the main guarantee of its achievement.

3. Never make looking for love a fixed idea. The real feeling comes naturally and harmoniously.

Happy people live longer and get sick less often

You have probably heard that all diseases are caused by nerves, stress. Our physical he alth is a mirror image of our mental he alth. Negative emotions destroy the body at the cellular level, which leads to the appearance of various ailments and diseases.

Right thoughts and strength of mind are the main condition to be he althy, energetic and happy.

3 capital never

1. Never complain of illness except to a doctor. A person who constantly complains about illnesses is subconsciously undermining his he alth.

2. Never self-diagnose. When you say "I probably have such and such a disease.", you are "programming" your words, thoughts, and no matter how hard you believe it, sometimes they come true.

3. Never argue with aggressive and negative people. A negative message destroys the body. He alth begins with inner peace and a positive attitude towards life. That's why it's important to surround yourself with positive people.

Not money brings happiness, happiness brings money

Many people don't realize how wrong it is to think "If I had money, I would be really happy." The Law of Attraction works in reverse. We alth, success and other good things start happening to people who feel happy. In other words, feeling happy can make a person more productive, purposeful, persistent, confident. Such individuals are usually in a positive mood.

3 capital never

1. Never say never. Always exclude from your life the phrases: "I will never get rid of my debts", "I will never find a good job" and the like. These phrases are a powerful ban on we alth and prosperity.

2. Never save "money for rainy days", otherwise you risk not attracting good events in your life. Better accept a different wording "money for good times".

3. Never worry about unplanned expenses and spontaneous purchases. After all, they are part of the positive emotions without which the process of making money loses its meaning.

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