Overactive child - how to deal with it?

Overactive child - how to deal with it?
Overactive child - how to deal with it?

The period between 18 months and 2 years is stormy and difficult especially for parents. The child of this age is extremely active, curious and full of energy.

Sometimes, however, the child may be hyperactive. How to deal with this?

At this age, all children are hyperactive. Clearly, some seem more difficult than others. They seem to be going through a diabolical phase of their development. They have colossal strength and energy that they harness to do stupid things and be stubborn.

Sometimes you feel like nothing and no one can handle them. They weaken everyone who deals with them, and especially their mothers. The resulting tension in the family leads to a vicious circle, and a person simply does not know how to get out of it. Here are three distinctive character traits of this type of child:

First, these are children whose activity level is very high: they are always on the move, never standing still, never looking tired. In the end, they get overexcited and lose all control over their actions. They move from one activity to another. They are unable to concentrate, listen or stand still for several minutes. It is too much of a demand for them to focus on one task or look at a book.

On the other hand, these kids hate you interrupting their activities or taking the object they are holding. They insist on deciding what to do, not you. Any coercion exerted on them is painfully experienced. That is why it is difficult to impose a regime on them: bedtime and meal times are a real test of strength.

Often such children have problems sleeping or eating.

In addition, they are too sensitive and react brutally and to the extreme to any change in the situation: they get goosebumps, get overexcited or go into a rage over trifles. Some of them had trouble sleeping even as babies and often cried.

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