Signs that your child may be gifted

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Signs that your child may be gifted
Signs that your child may be gifted

Every parent dreams of their child being the best and most successful in their life. It is a matter of pride to brag about your child's successes. Who would not be happy if his child shows special signs, if not of genius, then at least of some giftedness or high intelligence.

Every child is special because they have their talents and areas in which they show their potential. How can any parent know if their child has special gifts in some area?

Here are some signs that maybe your child is gifted.

Goes through each critical age faster than others

Walking, talking, passing through all the critical ages that define a child's development without problems and even faster than other children suggests that your child probably has a potential higher than that of others.

The child likes to read

Usually, when a child shows more interest in reading than playing games, it can be a signal of talent and giftedness in some field, especially scientific or creative. If a child enjoys reading and doesn't do it under pressure, like most children, he is more likely to have a higher IQ.

Curiosity about the world

All children are curious and ask all kinds of questions, but there is still a difference between the curiosity of gifted children and that of others. They ask meaningful questions that sometimes trouble even experienced adults. Gifted children are interested in how things work, the mechanisms in nature.

Early recognition ability

Genius children are usually observant and can remember details that the rest of their peers cannot. These are, for example, simple shapes, models that are easy to handle. If you notice the insertion of logic while playing with various construction and stackable toys, this may also be a sign of giftedness and logical thinking at an earlier stage.

Detailed knowledge in a child's favorite field

Children with a higher than average IQ for their age usually show a significantly increased interest in a field that interests them. They accumulate in-depth knowledge of the subject, often eager to share with their parents.

Your child prefers the company of older people

Children who have outgrown their age very often show interest in the conversations and activities of adults, simply because children's activities are boring to them and do not bring them new knowledge and skills.

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