5 Signs You Are a Child of Emotionally Immature Parents

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5 Signs You Are a Child of Emotionally Immature Parents
5 Signs You Are a Child of Emotionally Immature Parents

What do you think is emotional maturity? Actually, it is knowing how to control your emotions, being able to take responsibility for your mistakes instead of blaming others, being able to you accept someone else's point of view.

Are all adults emotionally mature? Of course, this also greatly affects their relationships with people, as well as those with children. How do emotionally immature parents behave, and do you, or perhaps your parents, fall under this definition? See more in the following lines.

They can only take care of physical needs

Emotionally immature parents may be excellent at providing basic needs for their children such as home, clothing, food, education, taking care of them when they are sick. But usually such parents are not very good at providing emotional support.

In stressful situations or while growing up, children fall into various situations that may bring them many negative emotions. Emotionally immature parents may dismiss these feelings because they cannot understand how a child who is well provided for could have any problems.

They don't know how to express their feelings

Just as it is difficult for them to understand their children's emotions, emotionally immature parents are uncomfortable expressing deep emotions. This may be due to the upbringing they received from their family environment, especially if it did not talk about emotions, they were not shared. Later in life, such people are afraid of appearing weak and vulnerable if they behave more emotionally with their children, even in some cases with their partner.

They do not tolerate differences

Emotionally immature parents think they are the only ones who know the right way to do things. In case you have an opinion that differs from theirs, in most cases your point of view will not be accepted.

Remember if as a child and later in life you had to do things the way your parents thought they should be done because they believed it was the best -the good for you.

You have often been scolded

This is part of not being able to properly express their emotions. Emotionally immature parents often lose their temper, even for the smallest thing, start yelling at the children, blaming them for everything, oppressing them, insulting them. As a result, children are afraid of what they will do or say because they might anger their parents.

No blame, no apologies

This is part of a person's efforts in maintaining an emotional relationship with his children, spouse, relatives, friends. Emotionally immature parents usually do not see the mistakes in themselves, especially in conflict situations with children. Or even if they knew they were wrong, they wouldn't apologize, or if they did, it wouldn't be sincere, and they would spin things so that the child feels doubly guilty. Such parents put the responsibility on their children and even if they are not at fault, they look for an apology from the adults.

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