Things about money you shouldn't tell kids

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Things about money you shouldn't tell kids
Things about money you shouldn't tell kids

Explaining things in life to a small child is very difficult. Talking about money is such a delicate topic, on which many things depend - the child's future attitude to money, his ability to save, donate, earn and respect his money, but without turning into a materialistic and mercantile person who puts money as the highest value.

It is extremely difficult to talk to children about money and finances in such a way as to form the right attitude to this delicate subject, on which both their lives and their value system depend.

What shouldn't we tell kids about money and what should we?

Don't tell little kids exactly how much you earn

Whether your family has the means or is struggling financially, it is better not to share the exact amount you earn with your children, at least while they are in their teenage years. Young children have no concept of numbers, the value of money and the things we buy with it. Over time, they will accumulate this knowledge and treat it with more attention. Also, young children are not used to what topics are sensitive and should not be broached. Your family's salary and budget can be shared unwittingly with other children on the playground or in kindergarten. You don't know what might come of it. So wait with this thread. There is a time for everything.

Make children understand that not all families have the same amount of money

For example, if you do not have the opportunity to buy your child new and expensive toys every month, but he knows that his friend receives such toys and wants the same ones, you should explain to him that not all families have the same opportunities. The same is true in the opposite case. Use every convenient occasion in everyday life to take an example from it and explain to the child what the family budget means.

Don't discuss other families' financial habits in front of your child

If you're not happy with someone's attitude towards money, they've irritated you with some statement, or there's some other problem related to money of your friend's family or the parents of a child from kindergarten of yours, don't comment on it in front of him. Sometimes children have an amazing ability to hear things they shouldn't, even though they don't pretend to be listening. This can have consequences you never imagined.

Talk to the child about saving and the meaning/meaninglessness of expensive gifts

When the child is small and does not understand the meaning and value of money, he may ask for expensive gifts without realizing it. These moments are suitable to explain to him how things are and why it is not necessary to always strive for something expensive. It needs to know what you think is worth spending more money on and what isn't. Thus, he will form his attitude towards money and develop analytical spending and saving abilities.

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