Why is emotional intelligence important for children too?

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Why is emotional intelligence important for children too?
Why is emotional intelligence important for children too?

Most parents want their children to grow up to be good people, to be happy, to get excellent grades in school, to get a good job, etc. But perhaps they give little thought to the emotional intelligence in children which is extremely important for coping in life in general. How to bring it up in children?

Don't avoid negative emotions

They also occur in children, do not forget it and do not neglect them, thinking that the child is pampered and only grumbles. If you do not pay attention to them or even blame the child for allowing himself to express them, this can lead to depression, to holding back the next emotions, not only at this age, but also after years as a mature individual. The indifference that children find in their parents only leads to fear, inability to cope in difficult situations. The opposite helps them build their emotional intelligence.

Be an active listener

Just as you need to be heard, your children need your active listening. It is an essential part of developing emotional intelligence. It requires full engagement in a conversation. To follow the dialogue, to show with your body that you are following the thought. When children see that you are actively listening to them, they feel loved and calm.

Teach your child to discover his sources of emotions

Especially the negative ones. Try to find out through conversation what makes him sad, what are the most common reasons for disappointment. There are also some physical factors, such as hunger or fatigue. Children can't always explain the reason for their moods, so it's the parent's role to do so.

Teach your kids to solve problems

Another important step in building emotional intelligence is for parents to teach their children to cope with adversity. Of course, children need to know that they can count on you for help or advice, but try to give them the freedom to come up with different solutions as well.

Let them express their negative emotions too

It is not always easy for little ones to handle disappointments. Keeping them definitely harms children and affects their behavior as adults. Show them how to effectively deal with stress and eliminate it.

Don't shut yourself up in your own emotions

Open and honest parents create an atmosphere of trust. Children who grow up in such an environment much more easily share about their problems. Don't be ashamed of your own emotions, because the mask of a happy parent only leads to confusion for the little ones.

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