5 myths about motherhood that confuse young mothers

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5 myths about motherhood that confuse young mothers
5 myths about motherhood that confuse young mothers

Motherhood is a real test for young mothers who embrace their child for the first time. All this newness happening in their lives – having a baby to care for and surround with love often causes stress and fear of failure.

Along with the dizzying change in life, young mothers are often deluded, believing in absurd myths about motherhood and the relationship between mother and child. What are these myths and why should you not believe them?

“If the mother suffers from depression, the baby cannot be affected”

for the simple reason that the baby's only direct connection with the surrounding world is its mother. Babies have the uncanny ability to instinctively sense their mother's mood and emotions. They can become restless and nervous if the mother suffers from postpartum depression.

Another important moment characteristic of the transmission of depression from mother to baby is breastfeeding. In most cases of postpartum depression, the secretion of breast milk decreases, which affects the baby. This deficiency disrupts mother-baby bonding in the early stages of motherhood, a process that can of course be corrected.

“You will love your baby at first sight”

Most young mothers who wait 9 months for their first meeting with their child believe in this myth. They imagine the moment they will hold their baby and love them instantly.


For many women, however, this does not happen immediately. It's perfectly normal to need time to get used to the dramatic change in your life. This does not mean that you are a bad mother and that you do not love your baby. You just need time to build your relationship with him.

“Breastfeeding is easy”

which darkens the happiness and expectations of young mothers. Breastfeeding is a challenge that you have to learn to manage. Be prepared that breast milk does not always come out quickly and easily after birth, and you may even experience breast pain.

“The baby will make your marriage stronger”

This is one of the biggest misconceptions many people believe. When the relationship between the partners is cracked and there are many insurmountable problems, the baby will not only not strengthen your relationship, but will also suffer from your deteriorated relationship afterwards.

“You have to enjoy every moment”

You've probably heard this from your mother-in-law, your mother, a friend, and even the clerk at the store. However, the fact is that motherhood is not all about happiness and good times. Children make sense of their parents' lives, but motherhood and parenthood in general are marked by a number of concerns, vicissitudes and problems. So to really feel good, you have to be realistic and face the good and the bad with a clear mind.

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