What you need to resolve in your life before having children

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What you need to resolve in your life before having children
What you need to resolve in your life before having children

Did you know that according to a number of Western studies, psychological problems with self-esteem, work and even relationships between partners can greatly affect the newborn. For example, scientists believe that women who already have children but want more, although they realize that their age is advanced, are actually trying to fill their inner emptiness or had an unhappy childhood.

Scientists are of the opinion that it is good for a person to solve some problems in his life before deciding to have children. Here are some of them.

You expect the arrival of the baby to save your relationship

In fact, if your relationship is not going smoothly, there are unsolvable problems, for example, related to bad habits of the partner, the appearance of the baby will not save the relationship. A very wrong belief because the relationship can deteriorate further and lead to separation.

Your career is your top priority

Workaholism has a negative impact not only on the parents themselves, but also on their children. They usually become emotionally neglected and made to feel 'invisible'. Over time, children begin to feel less valued, have low self-esteem, go down a bad path. Parents who believe that their work comes first are usually more nervous with children, impatient because they have to take away from the time they could be putting into work.

Fighting stress and anxiety

According to a Western study, parents' negative emotions can adversely affect their children's development. Experts believe that a particularly strong influence is manifested in the first year of a baby's life. As a result, it is possible for children to acquire the negative emotions and behaviors of their parents.

You are not satisfied with your own life

Another thing to think about before having a baby is how satisfied you are with the life you are living. Children absorb behavior and emotions from their parents. If you are unhappy with your life before they appear, after you acquire them you will not have greater self-confidence, you will have the peace of mind that you live in normal conditions to create a happy family.

Children see the dissatisfaction and at a later stage in their life they will feel insecure about their own life.

You yourself still feel like a child

According to the fun site brightside.me, psychologists even have a special term, "infantilism," which describes a person who acts mainly like a child, even though they are an adult. Such individuals tend to be driven by emotion rather than reason, and parenting requires endurance and self-control. Children need an emotionally stable family.

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