Words that children need to hear

Words that children need to hear
Words that children need to hear

Our self-esteem, kindness, confidence, responsibility are built even in our childhood years. There are words that every child wants and needs to hear. They mean a lot to him and are key to his upbringing. Check out some good examples.

I can see you are trying and making an effort – It definitely motivates them and makes them feel supported.

I understand how you feel – Children need to know that you understand their feelings.

Present great – It is important for children to be noticed when they have been attentive, executive when they have shown good results. This encourages them to continue in a positive direction.

You don't have to agree/agree with everyone – It's important to make it clear to children that they don't have to follow the crowd if they don't want to. They also have the right to choose and have an opinion. And that doesn't make them outsiders.

I love you unconditionally – Feeling loved is all a child needs to be happy.

I know you can do it – If children know you believe in them, they will also believe in their own abilities.

You ask great questions – Children love questions, although sometimes they ask about things that confuse us. Still, it's a way to motivate them to ask more, share more.

I'm sorry for… – It's important for children to know that adults make mistakes too, not just them. Apologizing when a mistake is made teaches the little ones to do the same.

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes mistakes are useful – This way the child will learn to accept his mistakes, admit them, but also know how he can fix it.

You are a good friend – Children have their stories with their peers. Therefore, when the child has acted nobly, it is important for him to know how good friends act.

Don't give up because you are very close – These words are again inspiring for children. Because they remind them that even in difficult times, success can be close to us and we should not lose hope.

You can always learn something new – Sometimes kids give up on certain things just because they don't know how to do them. These words may encourage them to try things they haven't tried before, like a hobby, read a new book, play fun games, etc.

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