Bathing and rocking a baby - how to raise it using modern methods

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Bathing and rocking a baby - how to raise it using modern methods
Bathing and rocking a baby - how to raise it using modern methods

With the appearance of the newborn baby at home - mother, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, neighbor, friend - everyone competes to give advice and share experiences. The young mother finds herself overwhelmed with stereotypes and myths about babies. Here are some of them that modern pediatrics has disproved.

The baby is bathed every night with soap

Not at all necessary, because soap dries the skin, removes the natural layer of oil and can cause irritation. It is enough to wash with soap 2-3 times a week.

Powder and baby oil

Powder and baby oil are an important part of baby cosmetics, but we should use them sparingly. The powder is used only when irritation appears in the skin folds, which will not happen if you "air" the baby's skin and he spends some time naked, without diapers. The oil is applied to those areas where there is friction - for example, in contact with the edges of the diaper and deep skin folds. Let the baby's skin breathe - it is the second "lung" of the person.

Red cheeks

For a while, wash the baby's cheeks after feeding only with water, without soap. The redness can only go away because it is quite possible that it appeared from the contact of the skin with the active substances of the soap.

Lush-lush baby

Swinging the baby trains its vestibular apparatus, the structures of the brain responsible for movement develop faster, spatial coordination improves.

Vitamin C in infants and young children

Vitamin C is by no means harmless. Early introduction of sour apple juice or chemically synthesized vitamin C into the diet can cause he alth problems. All vitamins have a daily intake rate that should not be exceeded.

Breastfed babies don't need water

If you breastfeed the baby as often as he wants, he practically does not need water. The extra water intake can have a harmful effect on his kidneys. Conversely, formula-fed babies should be given water.

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