How to make bathing more fun?

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How to make bathing more fun?
How to make bathing more fun?

Bathing small children is often a difficult task. Their attention is constantly distracted. They can become irritable and the whole experience can cause more negative emotions than a good time.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to make bath time a fun experience for your child.

Balloons and rubber toys

Don't forget to include fun accessories in the bath. To distract the child from everything else that is unpleasant for him or to remove the fear of water and soap, if there is one.

Emptying and filling containers

Children love it when there is something to fill with water and pour it somewhere, most often on mom's head. Stock the baby bath with toys and fillables to distract the child.


Sing the child funny nursery rhymes. Sing along! Act out a scene from a favorite fairy tale or children's movie. Thus, bathing will be much more pleasant for both you and the child.

Improve your storytelling skills

Not only falling asleep is a good time to tell stories. Bathing is also a good time to brush up on your storytelling skills. Attract the child's attention with something interesting and educational.

Get new bath toys

New toys are always interesting, at least at first. So the baby or older child will not get bored during this activity.

Make sure the water is warm enough

It very often happens that the child cries and wants to get out of the bath without being able to say why. In many cases, the reason is the cold water. Make sure it is well warmed so that the child does not feel discomfort.

Let the child play at will

Don't worry about the mess. No matter how much you scrub the bathroom tiles with soap and water, nothing can be fixed. The important thing is that the experience goes well.

Prepare clean clothes or diapers

To prevent the child from sweating after leaving the bathroom, have clean towels or diapers ready. This way, the cold will not leave an unpleasant memory in the child, which will make him not want to enter the bath the next time.

Game for the senses

To tickle the child's senses and spark his interest, include a variety of bath items - sponges, rubber toys, wet towel, dry towel.

Show him that his skin can feel objects in a completely different way. This is an entertaining game that is also educational.

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