Signs that the child is ready to sit on the potty

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Signs that the child is ready to sit on the potty
Signs that the child is ready to sit on the potty

From the day of its appearance, the baby changes our whole life. With it we learn many things, some of them we are prepared for, but others do not happen according to our plans. How old is your little one? And does he sit on the potty yet?

Some children start with their first attempts around the age of one, others cannot get used to this change until the age of three. Be calm. If you are persistent and patient, the child will only give you a signal when he is ready to potty. See some examples.

The child already has "dry periods"

Pay attention to how long the child does not pee both during play and while sleeping. If you notice that, for example, after an afternoon nap, the diaper is dry, it means that he already has some form of bladder control and that his anatomy is able to hold urine, making it physically possible for him to try to sit on the potty.

The child feels uncomfortable wearing dirty diapers

Every child comes to that moment when the feeling of a dirty diaper, wet panties, starts to annoy him. This is also one of the indicators that the child is ready to start sitting on the potty.

Notices when you go to the toilet

This is a good sign that you can take advantage of. Keep the potty on the toilet and when your child follows, offer to sit with you. Even if he doesn't pee, he will certainly be interested in letting the water out of the cistern. Encourage these interactions, show him the process, teach him to wash his hands after using the toilet.

If you have a kitten as a pet, you can also give it as an example to the child, how it also pees in its "potty".

Child says he's peeing or isolates himself

There will be a certain period until the little ones learn to say on time that they need to pee. They initially share it when they've already done it, so be patient. After he pees a few times, he will start saying when he needs to go potty. Some children become withdrawn or make strange facial expressions when they have a small or large need. Then it is important to react quickly, but without stress.

Want to try the pot

If your child is willing to sit on the potty, that's a great sign, encourage them. If he then shows reluctance to sit down again, even for play, wait 2-3 weeks and try again. Last but not least, buy a potty that is comfortable and fun for him. Did you know there are even musical pots?

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