The most common causes of crying in newborns

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The most common causes of crying in newborns
The most common causes of crying in newborns

Newborn babies cry quite often. Usually when mom hugs them, everything calms down. But there are also types of crying that remain inconsolable for a long time. Then the young parents wonder what's going on.

It's hard to know what your little baby needs when he just can't speak. So we are going to tell you some reasons why your newborn baby may cry.


This is probably the first thing that should come to your mind when the baby starts crying inconsolably.

To make sure your baby wants just that - to eat, watch for some additional signs - smacking, swallowing, finger activities (finger sucking).

Dirty Diaper

Some babies let you know right away when they soil their diaper. Others can stay in the dirty diaper for hours. If your baby is purgatory, monitor for frequent crying.

He needs sleep

Many adults think that babies always fall asleep when they need to. Sometimes there are no suitable conditions for falling asleep and the baby feels it. Then she starts crying inconsolably.

Some babies need special comfort before falling asleep, that's why they cry for a long time.

Want to be held

Every creature needs attention, no matter how small. In fact, the smaller your baby is, the more attention it will require.

If he cries for a long time and nothing else helps - singing, reading a story or rocking in the cradle, just take him in your arms and bear him. That will calm him down.

How many

Tummy problems in babies are quite common. Almost no baby can get away without colic. Gas, bloating, cramps and pain - all these unpleasant conditions are common in babies.

If your baby cries often and for a long time, it may be caused by colic. Drinking herbal tea is soothing in many cases. Some parents give the baby just a little water at room temperature.

In case colic is unbearable and persistent, consult your pediatrician for possible treatment.

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