Clever ways to cool your home without air conditioning in summer

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Clever ways to cool your home without air conditioning in summer
Clever ways to cool your home without air conditioning in summer

The heat can be unbearable. Many people install air conditioners in their homes to cope with the summer heat. In the warmest summer nights, it is sometimes really difficult for a person to sleep soundly, because of which he wakes up tired and without energy. However, the effects of air conditioners are as positive in regulating temperatures as they are harmful because of the dust, the drying of the air, the draughts, which they create and which can cause a lot of he alth problems, allergies and many others.

Then how to cool your home without the help of an air conditioner?

Invest in some house plants

Domestic tree species and dense foliage can limit sunlight and heat from entering windows. Arrange a thick barrier of plants next to the windows to absorb the heat. This will help block the heat and create a pleasant coolness in the home.

Buy sheer curtains

Dense curtains are a long-established method of reducing heat in the home by blocking light. Choose curtains made of dark and thick fabric to isolate your home from external factors.

Install ceiling fan

This also old and familiar cooling method is a suitable way to reduce the temperature in your home. The fans operate at low and high speeds, allowing you to adjust the flow according to your taste.

Change the light bulbs

Light bulbs in the home also emit heat and can raise the average indoor temperature in the summer due to the atmospheric heat. So invest in LED lighting that doesn't emit extra heat and also saves energy.

Stop all holes and cracks around the window frames

In order for the measures you will take to cool your home to be effective, you need to prevent heat from entering your home again. Therefore, fill all cracks, gaps and holes in and around the window frames.

Place reflex foil

Insulating foils are used in insulation to retain heat in winter. However, they also work efficiently when seeking to cool and block the sun's heat from outside. You can stick insulating aluminum foil on the windows if the heat is unbearable.

Put the rugs away

Let your floor radiate its natural coolness. Put away the carpets and flooring for the summer. They provide extra warmth during the warmer months. To limit it just leave the floor uncovered.

Use cotton or satin sheets

To cool your bed at night, use cotton or satin sheets. They create a feeling of coolness, while not causing additional sweating and heat retention in bed.

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