Tips for disaster-free outdoor diaper changing

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Tips for disaster-free outdoor diaper changing
Tips for disaster-free outdoor diaper changing

Changing newborn babies' diapers is not always an easy task, especially if you are out and about. It can even be a real challenge if you are not well prepared.

To make it easier for you, here are some smart tips to keep in mind when going out with your baby. This way you will reduce the tension and enjoy your walk without emergency situations.

Choose a bag with as many compartments as possible

When the baby bag has many compartments, it allows you to organize everything you need well. If you need to change a diaper urgently, you won't have to dig and shove everything in the bag when it is equipped with more compartments.

Choose high back diapers

When you are out and need to change diapers, there is not always a place to wash the baby. If the diapers have higher outer edges, you will protect the baby from excessive soiling.

Take bigger wet wipes

It's true that small packs of baby wipes are more convenient to carry around, but they won't do the trick. Large cloths wipe a larger area in less time. That way, you'll be ready much faster and your little one won't be upset by the unpleasant incident.


Don't forget plastic bags

Always take plastic bags with you, preferably old ones that you have used for shopping. So you will easily and quickly get rid of without dirtying the bag, if there is no place to dispose of the garbage at that very moment.

Get cosmetics in small packages

If wipes and diapers are inadmissible in small packages, cosmetics and washing products can safely be in a travel size. You don't need to carry with you tubes of soap, washing gel, powder, cream - all this can be in small packages, convenient for repeated use.

Get a diaper changing pad

To keep bacteria away from baby's bottom while changing, carry a piece of tarp or thick nylon in the bag to place under baby's back. This will insulate his delicate body from the surface on which you make his outfit.

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