How to quickly cool down your phone after overheating?

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How to quickly cool down your phone after overheating?
How to quickly cool down your phone after overheating?

It's summer. The sun is burning. The air is hot and this carries the risk of our body overheating. However, it's not just you who can get heatstroke, but your phone too. If you leave it in direct sunlight for even a few minutes, you may find it shuts down entirely on its own. And some damage may occur that will cost you money and time.

How to quickly cool down your phone if this happens, and in other cases where the mobile device has overheated for some reason?

Close all active applications

Every running application increases the temperature in the phone's core because it requires battery power. To help your device cool down faster, close all apps that are currently running, including those in the background. This will help the processor and RAM to "unload" their work.

If the phone has overheated without being left in the sun, without being plugged in and without being tucked away in clothing, the overheating may be caused by too many active applications that require capacity that it does not have. So turn everything off until it cools down.

Stop charging your phone

It may sound illogical, but it is true. When charging the battery, the phone may overheat. Unplug it to cool it down. It heats up the most when you charge it and use more than one app or have a conversation at the same time. Then the heating can reach extreme temperatures.

Take the phone out of the case

Some smartphone cases are beautiful but not practical. The material they are made of suffocates the phone when charging the battery and creates a high risk of overheating and damage to the device's components. It is recommended to always remove the case while charging the phone unless it is specifically designed to prevent overheating.

Turn on “airplane mode”

Another measure to cool down your mobile device is to disconnect all mobile connections to the operator's network. The fastest way to do this is to turn on "airplane mode" and wait for the phone to cool to the touch.

Keep your phone away from other electronic devices

When several devices stand close to each other, they can affect each other on many levels, including thermal. Keep them apart to prevent them from overheating.

Turn off the phone

If you don't need your phone urgently right now, it's best to turn it off to let it cool down completely. This is the best way to reduce the temperature in it.

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