Life-threatening symptoms of overheating

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Life-threatening symptoms of overheating
Life-threatening symptoms of overheating

Overheating of the body is a dangerous condition that can lead to life-threatening situations if not controlled. In the hot months and with dehydration, as well as vigorous exercise in the heat, our body is at risk of overheating.

When overheating, the internal body temperature rises. Often the condition is accompanied by reduced levels of necessary fluids in the body. In this way, it becomes difficult for the heart to provide the necessary amount of blood to all organs. It starts working hard, which puts it in a dangerous life-threatening situation.

What are the symptoms of body overheating?


One of the first symptoms of overheating is dizziness and vertigo. A tightening sensation begins in the neck and neck as the delicate nerve endings overheat. Headache, confusion, clouding of consciousness follows.

Profuse sweating

The body attempts to respond to overheating by sweating profusely in an effort to cool dangerously high internal temperature levels and preserve organs. This causes further dehydration, which is dangerous to he alth.


Overheating rashes are characteristic of young children, infants and adults with chronic diseases. It can also occur in young people who move actively or exercise but wear tight clothing that tightens the skin too much.

Muscle Cramps

Heat exhaustion caused by physical activity interferes with the conduction of electrical signals from nerves to muscles. Electrolyte levels drop, causing cramping.

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