How to beat the summer heat if you are pregnant?

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How to beat the summer heat if you are pregnant?
How to beat the summer heat if you are pregnant?

Being pregnant in the summer in its heat is a real test. It's not that pregnancy isn't a difficult period in a woman's life, but in the summer heat it's more than an inconvenience.

We will offer you some solutions to help you feel better during the summer while you are pregnant.

Cotton clothes

Wearing cotton clothes or those made of other natural materials such as silk, for example, is mandatory. They not only allow your body to feel nice and loose, but also allow your sweat to come out without a problem.

This is important to regulate body temperature to avoid overheating.

Light colors are also preferable. They absorb less sunlight than dark ones.

Wear a hat

When you are outside in the summer heat always wear a hat. It is an additional cooling agent and protects against harmful UV rays. The sun is also harmful to the eyes, hair, skin, so a hat is useful.


Staying hydrated during pregnancy is always a good idea, especially when the temperature outside is high.

Make sure you drink enough fluids. Consider adding a lemon wedge and a few mint leaves. You can add your favorite fruit to the water. This will encourage you to drink more fluids if you're not one for pure water.

Take cool showers

Whenever you can, take cooler showers. Bathing in a pool, lake or beach also helps to relax the body and mind in the summer heat.

Put on scarf

As strange as it may sound, wearing a scarf helps against the heat. A scarf wrapped around the neck protects the carotid arteries that carry blood to the brain. Keeping them out of direct sunlight and heat will make you feel better overall.

Can't sleep because of the heat?

An effective way to fall asleep quickly in the summer when you feel too uncomfortable in the heat is to spray a few drops of lavender oil diluted in a 500 ml water bottle on your pillow.

Equip the spray bottle and spray the liquid on the pillow.

Lavender essential oil provides a soothing sleep environment, relaxes the body and helps cool it down.

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