8 tips for the summer heat

8 tips for the summer heat
8 tips for the summer heat

At the height of summer and in the hottest heat let's remember how to protect our he alth

1. The heat is most dangerous for small children and the elderly. In the hottest hours of the day, don't let them go outside.

2. To people taking antibiotics, vitamin E and A, drugs based on hormones, those takinganti-tuberculosis preparations, etc. sun exposure is not recommended. This category of people is more at risk of sunstroke and heatstroke.

3. Seek medical help at the first symptoms of sunstroke or heatstroke: fast heartbeat, headache, dizziness, sudden feeling of exhaustion.

4. If you have the opportunity, do not use public transport, but walk more. When you feel that you are getting very warm, go into a large store, bank or pharmacy with air conditioning, where you can stand for a few minutes and cool down.

5. Do not work or exercise outdoors during the hottest hours of the day. Even young and he althy people are at risk of overheating in this case.

6. In the office and on the street, frequently wet your face, neck, hands and feet (if possible) with cold water.

7. Avoid coffee, alcohol and energy drinks. Replace them with water, iced tea, ayran with a little s alt. The total amount of fluids for an adult can reach 3 liters.

8. Heavy meals are not suitable in the heat. Focus on soups and vegetable salads.

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