Win the boss with a nice compliment

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Win the boss with a nice compliment
Win the boss with a nice compliment

Stop your ears and don't listen when you are complimented. Your ego can grow so big that you think you are great. Not only can you stop progressing for the better, but you can even go backwards.

Truly, praise is like a two-faced coin – after it we may turn our noses up, but we may also grow wings and become even better.

The best compliment is not a pat on the back, but the financial one – a one-time bonus or an outright salary increase. Of course, in the circle of the joke. Verbal praise also works very well.

Compliments are honey and butter to a person's soul, but they only work if they are sincere, not exaggerated, and not given often.

Self Compliments

Self-compliments are very popular in the work of a whole psychological current, especially in America. "I am great, great specialist, very clever, the master of the universe, there is no other like me clever and good.". However, mere talk is not enough. Prove it in practice.

Praise in business

Praise is part of effective communication for every boss and manager, between colleagues, and is almost mandatory in business negotiations and working in joint projects with other companies. But only the right compliments work.

If the partners in the business meeting have known each other for a long time, they may compliment each other on how good they look. If they are seeing each other for the first or second time, it will be inappropriate.

Compliment must

  • Don't be ambiguous.
  • No hyperbole - not exaggerated.
  • No claims - you give praise and ask for nothing in return.
  • Without didactics - states something positive, but does not contain advice and recommendations.
  • No "spices" - "You have golden hands but a serpent's tongue" or "I like your dedication to work, just direct it to the projects that are most important at the moment".

Construct the compliment in one sentence. It can be long and complicated-with an opening section followed by the eulogy. Don't take breaks.

Praise your employees, highlighting the merits of their personal qualities - this always creates a strong motivation to work and builds a good working atmosphere.

How to accept a compliment

Never start arguing that it is not true. Don't be shy about the compliment. Just say "Thank you!".

A few example compliments for business partners:

  • "It's a pleasure to work with a partner like you!"
  • “I've always been impressed by the breadth of your horizons!”
  • “How did you manage to cultivate this restraint in yourself!”
  • “I didn't know you were such a good judge of people!”
  • "It's true when they say you have hands of gold".
  • “Everyone can envy your will!”

A compliment leads to a feeling of satisfaction, brings positive emotions, builds positive feelings towards the other person. Let's not forget to compliment our children, husbands, wives, subordinates, colleagues, business partners and even our boss.

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