How to make makeup withstand the summer heat?

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How to make makeup withstand the summer heat?
How to make makeup withstand the summer heat?

The hot summer spoils the makeup. Every woman who doesn't miss putting on make-up every day of the year has been convinced of this. What can we do to make our makeup last longer in the heat? Here are some tricks!

Don't miss the base

Makeup base is the most often overlooked product, and that's a mistake. It will help you keep your makeup longer, despite the high temperatures.

Don't use heavy foundation

If you have been using a thick and heavy foundation for the past months, now is the time to replace it with one that has a lighter formula. Avoid liquid foundations that have added oils. They have heavy formulas and will make your skin even more oily. They clog pores and can cause inflammation and acne in combination with summer sweating.

Apply with a brush instead of a sponge

Powder makeup mixes with skin oxygen and sweat, causing it to darken. People with oily skin tend to buy mattifying products in an effort to tame the shine of the skin.

Continue in the same vein, but just use a brush and not a sponge when applying. It will help you spread better without clogging the pores deeply.

Replace thick eyeliner with a more subtle one

In the summer heat, you don't need a rich color. Emphasize natural tones, pastel radiance and a light formula. Also, eyeliner lasts longest on sweaty skin unlike eyeliners and shadows. This way you will save yourself the additional refreshment of your eye makeup during the day.

Apply bronze shadows

Bronze tones come close to the skin's natural summer tan. They emphasize the natural beauty, but also give emphasis to the eye. This way you won't look like you're without makeup, but at the same time you'll shine with a great look.


Even if they rub off a little at the end of the day, it won't be a problem because the color is closer to the natural skin color.

Don't wear gloss in summer

Gloss has the property of attracting light and acting as "cooking fat". This poses a great danger of burning the skin of the lips, which is already very fragile and delicate.

Avoid gloss in summer.

Lighten lips

You don't have to burden your summer face with dark and heavy lipsticks that are in danger of smudging in the heat. Lighten up a few tones. Pink and peach shades are preferable. They give youth and freshness to your lips, and also to your face.

Replace blush with bronzer

Using bronzer is easier because it brings your complexion closer to the desired summer complexion. Against the background of the beach tan you probably got during the summer, the red and pink tones of the blush are not appropriate.

Either use a bronzer or bronze-toned blush – multi-colored bronze pearls are the best choice.

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