February 1 – Triphon Day

February 1 – Triphon Day
February 1 – Triphon Day

On February 1, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of Holy Martyr Tryphon.

The saint was born around 225 near the city of Apamia, in the Asia Minor region of Phrygia, Roman Empire. His family was a strong believer in Christianity. Tryphon was introduced to the Christian religion from early childhood and was brought up in the love of God. They say that since he was a child, with the help of prayer to God, he performed miracles. At the age of 17, Tryphon was brought to Rome and helped heal the emperor's daughter Gordiana.

Many believed in the power of Tryphon, who was generously rewarded by Emperor Gordian. After the reign of Emperor Gordian III, Emperor Decius Trajan came to power in Rome, who was known for his persecution of Christians. Most of them managed to escape, but not Tryphon. He dedicated himself to fasting, prayer and constant concern for those in need.

When Tryphon was captured, the new emperor invited him to renounce his faith, but Tryphon refused. Before being killed, the martyr was subjected to cruel torture. But even the most terrible torments did not break the saint. Minutes before he was beheaded, he bowed his head before his executioner, and the Lord took his soul before the sword touched him. Vintners, gardeners, winemakers and innkeepers celebrate on this day.

According to the customs of the festive table there should be a festive pita, chicken, bulgur or rice and wine glasses. With the wine glasses and the food, put in bags, they go to the vineyard, where the men cross themselves and with the help of special vine shears called koseri, the vineyard is pruned, and the vineyard is watered with the wine they brought.

This rite is also known as "slashing" and from there the holiday is also known as Tryphon Slashed. On this day, a king of the vines is chosen, who is decorated with a wreath of vine branches. The holiday is spent with lots of music, drinking wine and eating homemade feasts.

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