Why you shouldn't sleep in thick pajamas even in winter?

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Why you shouldn't sleep in thick pajamas even in winter?
Why you shouldn't sleep in thick pajamas even in winter?

In winter, when it's cold, the only thing many people dream of is to put on their warmest pajamas and snuggle under the covers. However, this may not be such a good idea from a he alth perspective. See why.

May affect your sleep

Sleeping with thick clothes and under thick covers can cause the body to overheat without realizing it. This can make your sleep restless, cause you to wake up several times a night because you feel hot, and feel the need to constantly toss and turn. It is preferable to sleep in cotton pajamas or a nightgown that is not too thick. It is also important to regulate the temperature in the bedroom, which does not exceed 23-24 degrees, considered optimal for sleep.

You may get acne, pimples and rashes

Sleeping in thick pajamas implies steaming of the skin during sleep. This may be the cause of the pimples on your body.

Can unlock infections

Overheating creates conditions for sweating in certain areas of the body, and this, in turn, can facilitate the appearance of skin infections. Sweaty and warm skin is an environment for the development of bacteria, fungi and microbes.

May harm your reproductive he alth

Men who sleep in thick pajamas overheat their body, which negatively affects sperm. This can be a problem when trying to conceive.

Interferes with normal body thermoregulation

Sleeping in thick pajamas or covering yourself with a quilt that is too thick can disrupt your body's natural thermoregulation, which interferes with your metabolism and all the important body processes that take place at night.

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