Will we handle the summer heat?

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Will we handle the summer heat?
Will we handle the summer heat?

Summer can appear at any moment and overwhelm us with heat. How do we prepare for this? Many people buy air conditioners, but today we will give tips for those who cannot afford them or are not fans of them.

Air conditioner – If you think you will catch pneumonia from the air conditioner, which is not unlikely, then only turn it on when you are outside the room. Although modern air conditioners can be set to cool without blowing directly, we all have one thing in mind. It's easy at home, but problems arise in offices when someone is not feeling well, one is too hot, another too windy and the air conditioner becomes the bone of contention.


Photo: Sxc.hu (Don't these air conditioners look like modern wasp nests?)

Air at night. – If you open a window during the day in the hottest part of the day, you will simply let even hotter air outside. So leave the window open at night or ventilate late at night or early in the morning.

Humidify the air – You can do it with special humidifiers or the old-fashioned way with a sprayer. It is good to do it more often during the day. You can also combine two in one - both to moisten the air and to spray the flowers. You can place beautifully decorated bowls of water in the different rooms.

Put up blinds – If you don't want an air conditioner, you can invest in blinds. During the day you can darken - the less sunlight that enters, the cooler it will be. If you're gone during the day, it won't get too hot and you won't miss the sunlight. The same effect can be achieved with thick curtains or film on the windows. Still, blinds are the most comfortable.

Put away all warm fabrics. – Thick bedspreads, blankets and blankets retain much more heat than lighter fabrics. Logical. Therefore, we can easily remove the winter covers and put on something more summery. This is an occasion to buy something new for the home and change the interior.

Ice in the fridge. – Summer is the time when we need to stock up on more ice. We can use it both for cooling drinks and to make a light massage with an ice cube or simply pour the rest into a bowl using it for an ice decoration. It won't last long, but what is forever in this world?

Forget about the stove. – Anyone who is tired of walking around the stove will appreciate this tip. Others will say - what are we going to eat? Well now it's time for the tarator, salads and fruit. If your husband is big on grilling, maybe it's time he took you out to eat at least one day a week.

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