How to run safely in the summer heat

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How to run safely in the summer heat
How to run safely in the summer heat

If your preferred workouts are to lose weight and stay in shape, the summer heat is probably a problem you are facing. Running is an intense form of cardio exercise that requires endurance and effort. The heat can make this workout extremely difficult and dangerous if not done correctly.

Here are some summer running tips to help you do your favorite jog safely in the heat.

Find the right temperature for you

Every person has a different tolerance to heat. If it is exhausting and unbearable for you, train very early in the morning, preferably before sunrise. Then all the heat accumulated during the hot day is already gone. The air is fresh and cool, which will help you complete your entire workout without any additional difficulties. If you pass out while running and start to feel dizzy, it is likely to be from high temperature, overheating and dehydration. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise early in the morning.

Don't worry about the pace

You are used to running at a certain pace and in the summer it is difficult for you to reach it because of the heat. You tire more easily and your breathing becomes difficult despite your good preparation. This is normal and you should not force your body. On hot summer days, you can safely slow down by listening to your body. This way you will protect yourself from dangerous overheating, collapse, he alth problems due to overload. It's important not to try to overpower your body despite its signals. Increasing effort does not lead to better results, but to problems.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

In the summer, good hydration is crucial. It is even more important when you run regularly, which implies more intense fluid loss. So don't forget to drink water throughout the day, not just while jogging. Good hydration is an all-day process that requires persistence.

Don't miss the warm-up

Don't be fooled by the name - warming up isn't just done when it's cold to warm up your muscles. It is also needed in the summer because it promotes blood flow to all organs, systems and limbs. Warming up provides more energy, prevents injury and trauma, and improves performance and endurance.

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