4 simple tips for wearing a mask in the heat

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4 simple tips for wearing a mask in the heat
4 simple tips for wearing a mask in the heat

Wearing a mask in public is still mandatory. When we enter a closed public space where there are many people, wearing a mask can reduce the risk of potential infection not only with the coronavirus, but also with any other viruses that cause respiratory diseases.

However, wearing a mask in summer creates extremely unpleasant discomfort due to the heat in this season. To reduce the unpleasant consequences not only for comfort, but also for your skin and respiratory system, check out some tips on how to make wearing a mask easier in the heat.

Limit the time you have to wear a mask

It is not always possible to restrict visits to public places where wearing a mask is mandatory. But to significantly reduce such visits, plan your engagements carefully. Arrange them so that you have to wear the mask as little as possible in the heat. Avoid fulfilling commitments related to visiting such places during the warm hours of the day.

Choose breathable material

There are currently all kinds of masks available on the market, made of all sorts of materials. Some are synthetic, which makes it extremely difficult to breathe and. Others are made from natural materials, such as cotton. Choose masks made of breathable fabrics to make both you and your skin feel more comfortable.

Carry more than one mask with you

Breathing combined with the heat in summer creates conditions for accelerated sweating and moistening of your mask. So always be prepared with more than one mask on you when you're out and about. Change them often enough to prevent discomfort and he alth problems.

Stay out of the sun

Keep away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Remember to hydrate well, especially if you wear a mask for an extended period of time. Standing in the sun can make it even harder to tolerate the mandatory mask on your face.

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