13 reasons to love summer

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13 reasons to love summer
13 reasons to love summer

Not much left until the end of summer. The best things come to an end quickly. All year we can't wait for it to come, and when it finally does, we count the days until its end. We are eager to immerse ourselves in its warmth and indulge in a long-awaited vacation, travels, shared moments with loved ones, lots of laughter and summer fun.

To celebrate the beauty of summer, we're going to share what we love most about this wonderful season.

Summer Fridays

Not every Friday is like the others. In the summer, we take long weekends where we get away and turn off our mobile devices. We live for the moment when the next summer Friday will arrive, when another adventure awaits us.

Travel easier

During the summer months the big cities empty out and somehow the streets breathe easier, you breathe easier. You can move more easily and quickly, you don't have to wait in queues, there are free seats in public transport, and in the parking lots - as many parking spaces as you want.

You don't need to fix your hair every time you go somewhere

In winter, wearing hats and scarves crushes the hair and spoils the hairstyle. In the summer there are no such problems. Hair dries in no time, you can even go out with wet hair to work. It will be dry before you get there.

Concerts in the Park

One of the most wonderful ways to have fun in the summer is outdoor concerts and festivals.

Cinema under the stars

In big cities, you can enjoy traveling cinemas that are located in gardens or inter-block spaces. There is nothing more pleasant than a good movie, a drink in hand and the breeze of the evening wind that brings coolness.


In the summer you can lie in the hammock and do nothing. There is nothing more to add here. We're just dreaming.

The sea and the beach

The best thing in summer is the long-awaited meeting with the sea, the long summer days at the beach, where the sand envelops your skin and pleasantly scratches it.

Bare feet

One of the best things about summer is that we can give our feet the freedom to breathe, as well as our entire skin. Pleasant degrees make it possible to wear as few clothes as possible and feel light as a feather.


A favorite pastime of the ladies is to look for great finds in the summer sales. This time of year you can get great clothes and accessories for every other season and at half price.

You spend your days and nights in the yard

Summer is the season of garden parties or just country living. What's nicer than drinking your coffee in the yard while children and animals run past you, and the smell of fresh grass and a sizzling grill wafts through the air. Unique!

Your boss is on vacation

Don't like your boss? Can you barely make it through the year? Rejoice - in the summer he will probably take at least 2 weeks off and you will rest from him. Paradise!

Suitcase packing is so easy

When traveling in the summer, you usually don't need outerwear and thick sweaters, unless you're going to Antarctica. Packing clothes is so easy, you even have room to buy gifts on the way back.

The ice cream…

Summer is the best season to eat your favorite ice cream without remorse and without fear of getting sick.

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