3 ways to reduce thigh chafing in summer

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3 ways to reduce thigh chafing in summer
3 ways to reduce thigh chafing in summer

Thighs rubbing in the heat is a very unpleasant problem. Many women and men suffer from it. Rubbing the inner thighs is painful, makes walking difficult, and causes extensive redness and sometimes sores.

How to deal with terrible thigh chafing in summer?

Reduce sweating

Your skin is less likely to get irritated if it's dry. Summer heat suggests sweating between the thighs when they are touching each other. To save yourself from redness and chafing, reduce sweating.

Wipe your inner thighs with an underarm stick, roll-on, or spray with an antiperspirant that contains talc. These products will reduce sweating, respectively friction. The skin will be kept clean and dry while protecting against painful redness.

Baby Powder

Baby powder acts like talcum powder, reducing friction between the thighs. Apply some baby powder on clean and dry skin.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful natural product that helps in many cases, including rubbing skin irritations. It is absorbed very quickly by the skin and does not leave any marks on clothes.

Apply some coconut oil on the redness. It will disappear overnight. In the morning you will have smooth skin again without irritation. You can also apply some coconut oil before you leave the house to reduce friction during the day.

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