Strange things that happen to the body in summer

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Strange things that happen to the body in summer
Strange things that happen to the body in summer

Our bodies change every season. They react to changes in climate, atmospheric conditions, heat or cold. Processes take place in them that affect our he alth, energy and how we feel at different times of the year.

Summer is approaching and it would be curious to know how our body changes during this season.

What strange changes happen to the body in summer?

In summer you may have worse breath

In hot summer days, we sweat more, lose more water from our body. A mild form of dehydration, which occurs much more easily during the warm season than during cold days, causes dry mouth. When there is less saliva in the mouth, it is possible for the bacteria living in the oral cavity to multiply. This also causes the appearance of bad breath in summer than in other seasons.

Your hands might smell worse

Sweating in the summer often affects the palms as well. This can cause a bad smell, which is more noticeable in the warmer months. Sweating creates an environment for the growth of bacteria, which, in combination with dirt on the hands, can cause an unpleasant odor. Wash your hands more often.


You may have lower blood pressure

Summer heat causes blood vessels to dilate, which can lower your blood pressure. If you generally have low blood pressure, this can make you feel worse. Hydrate well. Drink more water in summer and be sure to eat more fruits and vegetables rich in valuable minerals such as potassium and magnesium. They contribute to the normalization of blood pressure values.

You may feel more depressed in summer

Contrary to expectations, you may feel more depressed during the summer. You may think winter is a depressing season, but in the summer those feelings can intensify. According to a study published in Psychiatry, sufferers of seasonal affective disorder feel more depressed when the seasons change, especially in the summer compared to the onset of winter.

Metabolism slows down in summer

In winter, when the temperatures are low, the metabolism increases because the body tries to do everything possible to keep warm. Producing enough heat requires more calories, which the body burns to compensate for the cold. In the summer, this mechanism slows down because it is warm outside and the body does not need additional energy to warm up.

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